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Covert Cravings

Maggie Carpenter Updated
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Covert Cravings

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Covert Cravings
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book Description

Emily "Bunny" and Scott. They are the perfect pair. Scott is a surfer who has turned his passion into a business. He owns a surf shop across the street from the world famous Zuma Beach. Bunny, with her bubbly personality and artistic flair manages an upscale boutique. They have great chemistry and are very much in love. Everything's great. Until one day Bunny's best friend Sam excitedly tells her about a really cool guy she's met. A guy who is into all kinds of kinky sex. He has even spanked her!

Bunny's enthralled. She has no complaints about her sex life with Scott - a kind, gentle lover who always makes sure she's satisfied - but each time she meets Sam and is told more scandalous stories the more she wants to know. She buys a book, then another, and another, and she is hooked. But she can't tell Scott about her new clandestine, decadent needs. Not her sweet, caring, easy-going Scott.

With no outlet for her covert cravings she turns her fantasies into the written word and starts a blog. It never occurs to her that one day Scott might find it - and start reading!

Be careful what you wish for. A proverb that Bunny discovers is oh so true! She suddenly finds herself subject to hot spicy spankings, bondage, blindfolds and more, as her secret fantasies are turned into reality.

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