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Tatiana's Choice 2

E.G. Weeks Updated
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Full Title
Tatiana's Choice 2
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)
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Michael Horne - Cover Designer
Tatiana's Choice 2

Book Description

E.G. Weeks is a native of Long Island New York but she has been living in Florida for the last several years. E.G. has been an avid reader all her life. She and her father shared their love for books and she shares that love with her own grown children. She discovered a love for writing not very long ago when she began writing poetry and short stories but found she needed more of a challenge and turned to writing novels. Her genre of choice is contemporary romance.


Tati and her friends travel to Negril, Jamaica for some much needed get away time. In typical Tatiana fashion, our lovely caramel-skinned Tati bumps into an old friend; a very handsome, very wealthy old friend. The old flame is sparked and the couple spend time wining and dining at private parties and aboard his yacht. He gifts her with diamonds and pearls and romantic erotic nights. Their adventure takes a turn for the unexpected and the adventure truly begins.

Power, wealth, adventure, and intrigue are the foundation of this incredibly steamy erotic romance. Find out who this leading man is and does Tatiana end up giving him her heart or does she have someone else in mind for such a prize?

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