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Philip  Brocklehurst Updated
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Emanuelle and The Hound of Love
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Rated for Readers
Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book Description

She goes by one name, a name that lives in infamy, a name that is associated with shock, danger, scandal and desire, a name that once heard, spoken or read is imprinted forever in the mind never to be forgotten. A name that fills men and women with lust and excitement, yearning for more of her sensuous presence, crying out for one invigorating more time with her, to see her eroticism again, to hear each syllable of her rapturous name: Emanuelle.
The one and only.

The hot, sexy journalist is back on her most hottest, sexiest case yet. The story of a lifetime to interview reclusive iconic movie star Mario Tinti turns out to be more than she ever bargained for, Emanuelle finds herself swept up in a lusty whirlwind of searing love, endless passion and powerful romance. Among the joys of liberation, Mario's past hides a dark shocking secret that when discovered, could put both their lives in serious danger, forcing them to pay the ultimate price for their sexually charged love.

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