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Something More

Nia Farrell Updated
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Something More

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SOMETHING MORE (The Three Graces Book Three)
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Rated XXX (adults of legal age, 18 and up, only)
Something More

Book Description

Two brothers, a biker and a porn star, are on a mission: to find and fetch the girl they thought was dead. When Rae Simmons aka Rachel Givens comes face to face with her past, the single mother with a special needs child learns just how much more she can handle.

Reviews: “The WARNING for this book should be STEAMY HOT & Panty Melting….” “You will definitely need asbestos gloves to handle your reader, once this is loaded.” “This novella has more emotion, intrigue, romance, internal conflict & scorching hot sex packed into a short read than I’ve read in a long time!! A solid 5 star read!!” “Anyone can write a story that has great sex scenes but give me a story along with the sex and you’ve got yourself a HUGE fan! Rachel Givens and her daughter Hannah stole my heart immediately….Cam and Cord swooped in and not only filled Rachel’s heart with love and forgiveness but they also reached Hannah’s – which is a difficult task in itself. Just an amazing story!” Rated FIVE STARS at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads.

BLURB: Loving a biker and his porn star brother came at a terrible price. Taken by a rival gang, beaten beyond recognition and sexually assaulted, Rachel Givens saw a chance to survive by claiming the identity of the other girl who was taken and killed. She spent months recovering from her physical injuries but still struggles with post-rape PTSD. Add her three-year-old autistic daughter to the equation, and Rachel (now Rae Simmons) has her hands more than full as she makes a new life for themselves in a quiet little town.

When her former loves walk into the restaurant where she works, it’s clear that the Colson brothers have come for more than the plate lunch special. Once Rachel gladly submitted to their domination, but she hasn’t been with a man since she was taken. She has triggers and issues and a daughter whose needs come first. Cord and Cam don’t care whether or not Hannah is theirs. As far as they’re concerned, Hannah is Rachel’s and Rachel is theirs – and they’ll do whatever it takes to convince Rachel that they belong together.

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