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A PNR shifter D/s MFM ménage otherworldly erotic novelette
Unleashed April 2, 2016
$5.99 Amazon

WARNING: Heat level: Sizzling. Contains elements of domination and submission in a MFM ménage. For ages 18 and over.

Deidra of Ravenhill is a daughter of light, a healer whose energy can be tapped by the one who marks her. Mordred, bastard son of Owain ap Coel, is determined to be that man. He’s captured the castle, killed her family, and forced her to train as a comforter, preparing her for his ultimate possession.

While Mordred is gone, having the brand made to claim her, Deidra manages to escape the castle. She nearly dies in the forest but is saved from falling into a poacher’s pit by Thorne, a dark lord, one of the race of giant shifters that she’s been taught to fear since childhood.

With dark moons due to rise on the most dangerous night of the year, Thorne must become a centaur for them to escape the monsters that roam with the god of chaos. He carries her to the safety of his brother’s hunting lodge, but is she truly out of danger? From Mordred, perhaps, but there are two dark lords who want her – if she’s willing to share.

Review by Erotic Author Pandora Spocks (Amazon ):
When Deidre escapes her ruthless captors, her only thought is to find safety. Even the dark terrors of the forest are preferable to her future as a comforter to Mordred, who cut down her entire household to possess her. When she encounters handsome, brutally masculine Thorne, a shifter centaur, she begs sanctuary. He brings her to the home he shares with his brother, Ragan, and Deidra throws herself on their mercy. To save her from a life as a slave to Mordred, the two man-beasts agree to share her and to mark her as their own. This book is delicious fantasy, full of heart, romance, and steamy sex. Don't miss it!

Review by Erotic Author Felicity Brandon (Goodreads blog post I received an ARC of this novelette with piqued curiosity. I haven't read many shifter stories, but the premise excited me and I was intrigued. I am pleased to say that this book does not disappoint!
The reader is thrown straight into the action, following our protagonist as she makes her escape and then meets Thorne - one of her soon-to-be leading men! I don't want to give too much away as far as the plot goes, but needless to say things heat up with a sizzling display of sensuality.
I simply adored Farrell's writing style - the narrative has good pace and keeps you engaged throughout. The growing sexual chemistry is palpable and the sex scenes themselves are utterly compelling. I could well imagine (with growing envy) the scene being played out on my e-reader...
Five stars to Nia Farrell and a huge well done! My only complaint is that I wanted more!

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