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Tanvi Sharma has always lived life carefully. What has she done then, to deserve the sentence her family has subjected her to? What cruel form of kismet has intervened so drastically to change her life, as she knows it?

Working as a contracted accountant to the Totally Five Star, New Delhi offers Tanvi a little solace and removes her from the stifling environment of her father’s business. But she knows it’s only temporary. Soon she has to accept her fate and agree to the marriage her parents have arranged for her, to a man she despises.

She’s all but resigned to her ominous future when a smouldering look from a handsome businessman starts Tanvi’s juices flowing and she allows herself to fantasize about a relationship that could never work. But would a short-term affair be so wrong? Perhaps a no strings attached fling with a handsome stranger is just what she needs before entering into a loveless, passionless union.

When Australian businessman, Alexander Banks spots Tanvi in the hotel restaurant, the exotic and aloof creature immediately intrigues him. Alex, never one to shirk from a challenge, quickly learns that he has his work cut out for him if he wants to get closer to the reserved, beauty.

Alex soon realizes that cultural differences and long held traditions are obstacles greater than he could ever envision and light years away from his Western rational. Just when he expected that a relationship with his Indian beauty might be going somewhere, someone else has other plans and the Totally Five Star hotel becomes a dangerous and risky place for them to be.

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