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Poppy Hollow

Dez Marie Updated
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Poppy Hollow
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Poppy Hollow

Book Description

Welcome back to the decadently charming and one and only Texas Dungeon once known as The Herrigtina Vee. Alex Towers, also known as the charismatic seductress Dolce DeMaul decided that picking up the broken pieces left behind as the product of a broken heart and a shattered spirit were not worth the time. What had been done, was done. The prideful and goal oriented girl had grown up rather quickly into a woman marking her territory as she decides on new beginnings. In the age of the coming of the inter-web as well as the open-mindedness of more and more of the population makes it look quite easy to run her own business, her very own Dungeon. Alex's expectations of easy money and life on the fast lane are rudely interrupted when her growing addictions spiral and she learns of yet another major life changing factor she will have to deal with every single day of her life from this point on. The once well known Dominatrix once again bit off more than she could chew. Dolce DeMaul finds out the real reason The Herringtina Vee was shut down while unexpectedly finding herself within the presence of yet another prevalent woman who holds secrets she was willing to take to the grave. Aurora DelaCroix and Dolce are two Alpha Madams that cannot see eye to eye. Not until Alex's flaws cause her to rethink running a full functioning Dungeon all on her own. With the help of Aurora and an entirely new cast of bewitching women whom once met are impossible to forget, the Dungeon slowly begins to blossom. The BDSM events that occur are not for the weak and all that happens within its' Lairs is guaranteed to place you inside this darker side of lewd, strange and wanton addictions. Meet the enticing sirens that walk the halls of the newly renovated Dungeon and allow yourself to breathe the same air they expire with sessions so intense, clients so submissive and seductive encounters so sultry, you'd think they couldn't possibly be real. Well think again. They are all documented true events. Meet the new love interest in Alex's life as she intensely desires to be the one to save Alex from herself. Will Alex Towers allow the gorgeous vixens wrapped in high dollar garments, living the same lavish lifestyles she's enthralled by to dominate her very own love life's future? Can a woman with so much to lose yet still plenty to gain finally make a wise decision and commit to the likes of Lara, the one genuine thing in her life? Or perhaps the sex, lusty lesbian escapades, newly introduced designer drugs and not to forget the thick stacks of greenbacks that whether we like it or not, run the world, once again get in the way of her real world happiness? Welcome to a place filled with secrets, sex, lies, money, Hollywood status clientele and fetishes so deviant, so compelling, reality won't ever seem quite the same. Welcome to Madam Dolce DeMaul's Poppy Hollow.

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