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Welcome to the Six

Dez Marie Updated
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Welcome to the Six

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Welcome to the Six
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Welcome to the Six

Book Description

The infamous Texas Dungeon is thriving and the women of Poppy Hollow are established, they fit in and their versatility is beyond astute. The Head Dominatrix and Madame of the Dungeon, Alessandra Towers (Alex) continues to combine her addictive ways of living the fast life while incorporating the very private and tabu world of fetish life. Her romances are many but her heart is still set on not settling. The twists and the turns of the BDSM world lead her into a dark and spiraling torrent of diversions and raunchy escapades mixed in with thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt, fees and contributions paid by the loyal Subs. Poppy Hollow brings you inside the walls of the real world Texas Dungeon and all the women employed in it. Allowing you to experience what they experience and catch a feel for the macabre. Alex's personal struggles with a pill popping codependency and an affinity for anything that alters her state of being, introduce her struggles with mania. The erratic and at times overwhelming episodes Alex must learn to live with on a daily basis continue to grow worse after days of struggles with her demons. The monsters in this book are very real. They are here to show you what happens to real people in the real world. Get ready to question all those you've passed up on the street, your work, classes at school, even those close to you. Prepare to take notice of where and how the physical Dungeons humans play in during the day for pay come about. Follow Alex Towers, Violet De La Croix, Sara Sins, Miranda Rights, and so many more of the cast and crew that make up what to you is a place so unreachable it may seem unreal. But get ready to find out the truth, and get ready to finally see just how real and how close your are to things so terrifying, so taboo and at times so disturbing you perhaps rather tell yourself its only a story. Come play in the World of the money hungry, euphoria addicted, climax chasing fiends and the Madams that serve them on a silver platter the best dish in town. Cold, hard punishment for pleasure all wrapped up in a crepe of romance sprinkled with knots of forbidden and illicit sex, drugs and the hard core truth of what happens when you've lost all fear of the world around you.

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