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Beyond The Redbud Tree

Rick Schroeder Updated
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Beyond The Redbud Tree

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Beyond The Redbud Tree
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Beyond The Redbud Tree

Book Description

One never knows where a journey may lead. You may start with one thing or destination in mind and find yourself arriving at an entirely different place. Missie began such a journey. She had long sought to experience a dream she had harbored since childhood. Now, she was about to embark on that journey. What would she experience on that journey? Who would she encounter? These were some of the thoughts that went through her mind as she drove East for her encounter with the redbud tree.

For his part, Rick was at a crossroads. His life journey had taken a turn some time earlier. He had not been prepared for that and was now no longer sure of what lay ahead. Could he regain his sense of direction and find the road ahead? Perhaps he just needed time alone to think things through. Perhaps time in the wooded seclusion of this beautiful place was the tonic he needed. He hoped so.

When the two of them meet it becomes a shared journey of exploration and fulfillment beyond what either of them ever contemplated.

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