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All Change For Fleetwood

Terri Ryan Updated
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All Change For Fleetwood

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Full Title
All Change For Fleetwood
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Rated XXX (adults of legal age, 18 and up, only)
All Change For Fleetwood

Book Description

All Change For Fleetwood - a journey of love, experimentation and gender change.
Michael’s looking forward to a weekend with friends in Blackpool. He waits until his wife Linda goes to work, and then Michael becomes Terri, outwardly an attractive young woman. Terri expects the weekend to follow the familiar pattern: dressing, drinking and dancing. Only this time, Terri’s world will change forever when she meets Marc in the Diamante Clutch Bag nightclub.
They get off to a flying start, and for a while it seems as though this will be fairy tale romance. Then Mel, Marc’s ex., seeks his protection from an abusive boyfriend. And Mel wants to start over with Marc. Marc is confused, and torn between his old fiancée, and his new love, Terri.
Feeling rejected and abandoned, Terri looks to online dating sites for company, kicks and sex. Following a wild period of experimentation, Terri comes to realise it’s Marc she wants, more than anything else in the world. As the injured party, Terri expects Marc to make the first move … and Marc’s mother helps to smooth the process.
In the course of twelve months, Terri finds time for holidays with Marc, breast implant and gender reassignment surgery, being the victim of a late night attack, and a romantic affair with Sheree, her best friend at work.
As Terri thinks through her change of life and circumstances, she discovers the essence of being a women, and relives episodes of her earlier life at school, university, and marriage to Linda.
In a three-dimensional journey, All Change for Fleetwood reveals Terri’s physical, emotional and sexual journey, through extracts from her diary.
Sections of Terri’s story are explicit - this is life as she experiences it – but her story is more than a series of sexual romps. Rather, it is the growth and development of an individual, coping with the snakes and ladders of life.

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