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End Of The Beginning

Serena Akeroyd Updated
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End Of The Beginning

Book information

Full Title
End Of The Beginning (Marina: Part Four: Naughty Nookie Series)
Rated for Readers
Rated XXX (adults of legal age, 18 and up, only)

Book Description

Marina is tired of questions; she’s tired of needing answers. But as always, on Blue Ridge, that’s impossible. And with Nate’s treachery having been revealed, Marina is left with more unanswered questions to drive her crazy.
She trusted her lover, had believed in him implicitly, but with his lies, how can she? Can their relationship survive the hard truths of his past? Can they survive with a murderer roaming around Blue Ridge? And will Marina’s own past come back to haunt her?
It’s the end of the beginning for Nate and Marina, but is it the end full stop?

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