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The Red Square

Haim Kadman Updated
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Full Title
The Red Square
Rated for Readers
Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book Description

What a somber country, what fear ridden citizens... What do they know at Langley about the mentality, the fears of the average Russian that perceives right away every move, every sign without any clandestine training? Paul thought gloomily while having his supper.
Below are reviews to my thriller "The Red Square""

Hi Haim,
Just finished The Red Square and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not usually a fan of spy novels but I do like The Quantum of Solace short stories of Ian Fleming so I have a small knowledge of the genre. (Very small.)

The story is excellent and so are the characters. You're dialogue is very clever and very real. I could tell who was talking without having to check the names. That shows how well defined your characters are. When Paul and Sam were bantering I knew which one was which. Very good writing and choice of language. I could hear the voices as I was reading.

I could also feel the paranoia that surrounded them. That constant need to keep looking over your shoulder. Very unnerving and disquieting at times. I'm guessing that all great spy fiction has this, and it certainly creates a claustrophobic atmosthere. It made me feel slightly uncomfortable, which shows how talented you are as a writer. I'm surrounded by people in my office and felt the need to check who was watching me and trying to see my screen. (None of them as it turned out. They couldn't care less. LOL)

There was one tiny thing I thought I should mention. and it is tiny, so no worries. Five paragraphs up from The Gypsy Song there is a line that says "It reminded Paul the notes of a banjo." I don't know if that needs altering slightly? But that was the only problem I found in the entire story.

Congratulations on such great work. Could this be a film or TV Series?
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