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Island Spirit

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Island Spirit
Rated for Readers
Rated PG (not necessarily suitable for children)

Book Description

June Kato has left behind her life and career as prominent neurosurgeon in LA to live on Maui with her new husband. She knew going in that starting over again at a new hospital wouldn't be easy. Her first week at work brings far more surprises than what she ever could have anticipated.

Attempted murder is never pretty, but on the island of Maui, it hits especially hard. First day on the job and June is called in to assist in emergency surgery on one of Maui's most beloved residents. Before she knows it, June is already stepping on toes. The trouble doesn't stop there, but seems to follow her everywhere.

As a newcomer to island life and ways, she doesn't realize there is more to Maui than meets the eye. A new way of healing needs to be found, and June must set aside many of her own beliefs and adopt new ones if she is to be successful in her new home. She quickly discovers the spirit of the island is alive and well, and far stronger than any one man or woman could ever be.

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