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A Faerie Tale: Leigha's Beginning

Brooklyn  Sawyer Updated
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A Faerie Tale: Leigha's Beginning

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Full Title
A Faerie Tale: Leigha's Beginning
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  • eBook
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)
A Faerie Tale: Leigha's Beginning

Book Description

Living in the same foster home, teens Lydia and Leigha are about to discover their true identities amidst a world filled with magic, noble families and dark Faeries.
With powerful beings intent on destroying her, Leigha is kidnapped just as she is beginning to understand her place in this strange land -- and her feelings for Spencer.
Only when she is with Spencer are Leigha's full powers unlocked. Will she learn to control her abilities and save a kingdom before it is too late?
With more than just a crown at stake, she will have to. The dark Faeries want her life and the life of everyone Leigha loves!

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