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A Faerie Tale: Leigha's Ever After

Brooklyn  Sawyer Updated
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A Faerie Tale: Leigha's Ever After

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Full Title
A Faerie Tale: Leigha's Ever After
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  • eBook
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
A Faerie Tale: Leigha's Ever After

Book Description

Leigha finds herself face to face with her biggest nightmare, and she must do whatever it takes to save her family no matter the cost.
As Leigha's anger threatens to consume her, it is the one thing that increases her powers. The problem is, as the anger rises it also allows the darkness to enter her mind and soul. She can feel the evil seeping inside more and more every day.
Leigha finds the same questions on her mind constantly:
Will she be able to use her new abilities to save everyone she cares about?
If she succeeds, what price will she have to pay?
Will she be able to get control of it, before it takes her away from Spencer and the rest of the people who care about her?
If the darkness wins will it destroy Spencer?

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