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Pendulum Days

Mark Ryan Updated
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Pendulum Days

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Pendulum Days: Book I (Afraid)
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Rated G (all ages)

Book Description

Avoiding the school bullies was Zach’s main objective when heading home one day after school. That and keeping a safe distance from the creepy, and no doubt haunted, Lore House on Henley Avenue. However, after a being pursued by a demon dog and a mysterious figure in the rain, Zach falls from a tree breaking his leg, and leaving him to question what occurred.
To help him through his convalescence, his best friend Grace brings him over an old ornate book she recently found in her attic. Fractured Fairy tales seems aptly titled to Zach while he recovers his broken bones, and the stories the book contains lead him into adventures he never could have imagined. What Zach doesn't know just yet, is just how much of a part he will play in these harmless tales.

His world's begin to blur when the monsters and myths within the pages, take on the one’s that inhabit those in his neighbourhood, and it’s up to himself and Grace to save his life from becoming another turn of a page.

Part one of the Pendulum Days series, Book I (Afraid).

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