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Pendulum Days: Purgatory

Mark Ryan Updated
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Pendulum Days: Purgatory

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Pendulum Days: Purgatory (Book II)
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Rated G (all ages)

Book Description

With his leg now in a cast and confined to his bedroom, Zach delves deeper into the mysterious book his best friend Grace recently found in her attic. But the strange set of circumstance he has found himself in only grow when he starts to hear strange noises in his own attic, added by odd names on his wall and magical items in an old box. Feeling isolated and alone, the lines between the stories he’s reading and those taking place around him begin to fuse together even further.

Who is the old man in Lore house, how did Zach get home that day, what are those strange objects in the attic….is any of this real?

Continue Zach’s adventures in the second book of the Pendulum Days series, Book II - Purgatory.

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