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The Adventures of Gluskabe v.4 Skunk
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Rated G (all ages)

Book Description

Skunk is volume 4 from my illustrated series of The Adventures of Gluskabe. Gluskabe found a friend, someone to chat with and someone who can help when it comes to cooking the meals. The friend’s name is Skunk.
At the time of Gluskabe legends, skunks were all white and very friendly.
Winter comes and it started to snow. It snowed nonstop for days and weeks. Gluskabe tells Skunk that he will go talk to snow bird and ask him not to let snow fall continuously in winter because people and animals won’t be able to survive.
Skunk wants to come with Gluskabe on the journey to the snow bird mountain. At first, Gluskabe refuses but Skunk insists again and again and in the end Gluskabe decides to let Skunk accompany him.
The journey is long and difficult and the real heart of living creatures comes in the light when creatures are facing difficulties. Read the story to find out why in the end, Skunk changes color and becomes a nocturnal animal.

Kamon was born in Quebec in 1957. Kamon has been living in Asia for 30 years. Kamon's books are published in French, English and some in Chinese. With more than 50 titles published, Kamon writes funny children’s books seasoned with mindfulness, a relevant topic in today’s world.

A bridge between two hearts takes many moons, many seasons to build and has to be guarded against a fire named temper. Kamon, 2018

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