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Get Him To PROPOSE In 80 Days

Titania  Hudson Updated
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Get Him To PROPOSE In 80 Days

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Get Him To PROPOSE In 80 Days : Unlock The Secrets To Make Him Fall In Love And Commit To You Forever
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Book Description

Why are men hardwired to leave with immediacy at the slightest mention of "Commitment," "Fidelity," and "Marriage?" Is it possible for women to motivate them to change their male perspective of marriage in a matter of 80 days, or less than that? Within this dating book, you will learn the ultimate secrets about "ATTRACTION" and "COMMUNICATING WITH MEN" which you never knew of: * How to meet and date a guy of your fancy..... * How to make yourself look presentable and get a guy to like you for the unique gal you truly are.... * How to communicate with your guy and decide whether he's the right match for you as a dating partner and a lifetime soul-mate... * How to make him realize what he's missing by not offering a marriage proposal to you...and much, much more.. Readers' Feedback: The writer has a unique, eloquent way with words.. Love that it really has a focus about being true to yourself and not just bending over backwards and losing yourself...a totally fascinating read.

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