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Cut the Bullsh!t

Steven Daniel Updated
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Cut the Bullsh!t

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Cut the Bullsh!t: A Guide to a Great Marriage
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)
Cut the Bullsh!t

Book Description

You can have a great marriage and feel how you did when you and your spouse first fell in love. You can have the perfect
relationship you see in all those polished romantic films. Do not blame reality and your partner because you realized that
marriage is tougher than you thought.

Cut the Bullsh!t A Guide to a Great Marriage will help you and your spouse get pass the most common issues in marriages today. Steven Daniel's approach to controversial topics is straightforward. If you want to experience a great marriage with your spouse, this book is what your marriage need. You and your spouse must be ready to be selfless and have an eagerness to work hard to get your relationship to what is fantasized by many couples around the world. You will look forward to many peaceful and fulfilling years with your spouse after reading this book.

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