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Cultivating the Souls of Parents

Tina Webb Updated
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Cultivating the Souls of Parents

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Cultivating the Souls of Parents: Facing Our Brokenness; Embracing Our Likeness
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Cultivating the Souls of Parents

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Raising a child helps us discover that parenting involves a whole lot of digging, not just through piles of mismatched socks, but also through layers of insecurities and heart issues that our children and we have. I will never have a place where I can say as a parent, “I have arrived!” No, this process of parenting brings to light my own emotional brokenness that God wants me to explore and bring to Him to remedy and make whole.

The process of parenting unveils our soul issues: insecurities, coping mechanisms, and even inherited weaknesses. Jesus Christ is our Vine (John 15:1), but sometimes we don't know how to tap into His peace-producing, energy-generating, transformative power. The journey towards soul health means learning how to draw on His sustaining power in a way that makes our daily crosses lighter. We often condemn ourselves for feeling emotionally burn-out or making poor choices that affect our kids, but God is whispering, "I know it's hard, but I am with you! I see you are trying, and I am your guide! You made a mistake, and I forgive you! I love you, and I'm cheering you forward!"

I hope you laugh more than cringe as I share stories of my life as a mom of six kids--my firstborn is twenty years older than my youngest! I've learned that the process of learning how to love my kids well is one of the most worthwhile missions that I can undertake. The beauty of parenting can be a process of brutally naked surrender to God, who affirms our efforts and gives us courage on a journey for which none of us are prepared.

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