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The Making of Mathilda MacGregor

Mary Zinda Updated
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The Making of Mathilda MacGregor

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The Making of Mathilda MacGregor
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
The Making of Mathilda MacGregor

Book Description

Thirty-six year-old Mathilda MacGregor has her entire life outlined. Her goals are simple: getting ahead in her career and enjoying life with her charismatic, Scottish-born husband, Robbie, without the "inconvenience" of children. But it all begins to unravel when Mathilda's elderly mother, Anna, is diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and Robbie returns to his homeland to follow plans of his own. Mathilda is forced to put her future—as well as a possible company promotion and relocation—on hold. While Mathilda struggles with a life gone off course, her dying mother introduces her to a branch of their family tree in hopes that the past might bring clarity to the present. Can these stories of Mathilda's ancestors give her the strength and courage to welcome a very different future?

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