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On the Edge of a Dream

Rick Lakin Updated
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On the Edge of a Dream

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On the Edge of a Dream
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On the Edge of a Dream

Book Description

In the paradise of Hawaii, a love story becomes a tragedy and then becomes a love story again as a family goes through pancreatic cancer.

We often hear the raw number of new cases of Pancreatic Cancer diagnosed each year. For example, it is estimated that there will be nearly 49,000 new cases of Pancreatic Cancer reported in 2015, but what we seldom hear is the number of cases of grief, anguish, heartache and regret that accompany each and every new pronouncement of cancer.

Patrick and Elizabeth’s trip to the tropical paradise of Hawaii for some rest and relaxation, takes an unexpected detour when they stop in Oahu to visit their dear friend Linda. In their trip around the island of Oahu, Linda opens up and shares a touching story of how she and her husband’s dream of living in Hawaii and immersing themselves in the Hawaiian culture was finally realized then cut unexpectedly short with Harrison’s diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer.

The journey around the island unfolded into a tale of an emotional two-year struggle that, at first, tore Linda and her family apart, as each member of the family dealt with grief in their own individual way. As a result of the struggles they endured, Linda and Harrison eventually became closer than they ever thought possible.

What will you regret in the future if you don’t identify and follow your dreams today? Paraphrasing Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) in his song “Father and Son”, you may still be here tomorrow but your dreams may not.

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