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Just a Bit of a Christmas Miracle

Ashley Coughlin Updated
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Just a Bit of a Christmas Miracle

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Just a Bit of a Christmas Miracle
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Just a Bit of a Christmas Miracle

Book Description

Twenty-five year old Mireille Dawson always tried to stay out of her family’s way, until she needed money. Off to visit them at Christmas, she once again clashes with most of her wealthy family, except for her brother and father that understand her liberal ways. After her father has a heart attack, a bitter fight once again brews between Mireille and her mother, forcing her to take off Christmas Eve. An accident on the road leads to Mireille meeting Brad Wright, an older teacher that has his mother living with him because she is ill. Mireille also meets the Donovans, who are taking care of a deceased friend’s deaf child, Gwyneth, amidst their own problems. Stranded in a small town and not use to closeness, Mireille will have to face her problems head on, including reconciling with her family before it’s too late. The miracle child, Gwyneth, may just be the one to show everyone, that no matter how tough life can be, there is always room for change, miracles, and love.

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