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Fire and Ice

Dianna Bellerose Updated
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Fire and Ice

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Fire and Ice
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Fire and Ice

Book Description

Nancy was sitting at home trying to sort out her life. Trying to figure out what had gone wrong and what could be done to fix it. The weather was windy and rainy. Summer was almost over. There was something to look forward to, her trip to Hawaii. She was hoping to clear her head there and start finding some solutions. She was sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of freshly brewed coffee. The sun was peeking through the window. The room was full of light. Nancy's expression was one of pain and worry. There were so many obstacles in her life, each taking a toll on her. The troubles she was having were with her husband and the family's financial situation. It was hard to cope anymore despite the fact that she considered herself a very strong person. Having no one around to support her made her even more vulnerable. Her husband was unsupportive and violent and was the worst part of her life. She had endured his abuse for twenty years. The load was getting too heavy, and she was not young enough anymore to be able to ignore certain things.
Though she lived in America, she had been born and raised in Poland, Europe. Nancy was a beautiful woman with blue eyes and light brown hair. Her parents had divorced when she was thirteen years old, after her mother had suffered being abused for years by her father. The problems she had as a child did not help. Nancy was thirty-nine years old, and her whole life was centered around her family. She was a devoted wife and mother who never found time to do anything about the problems in her own life. She did not feel secure in her relationship and did not know what the future held for her. Her husband, with whom she owned a business, was giving up on everything they had worked hard for because they owed so much money to the banks. Times were hard. It was the Great Recession, and the business was not making enough to cover all of the expenses.

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