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The Immortal Fate

Jill Marie Merillo Updated
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The Immortal Fate

Book information

Full Title
The Immortal Fate: Lillian's Story
  • eBook
  • Paperback
Rated for Readers
Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
The Immortal Fate

Book Description

"Did you ever stop and think to yourself that your life was completely wretched?"

This is how Lillian introduces her story, to you, her reader. She has now lived twenty years as a vampire and feels compelled to write her story and immortalize those she has lost...and those she despises. Will it bring her peace? Will it bring her closer to any of her goals? One of which is just to find another like herself to share her existence with before she loses the will to go on. The other, more important goal, is to find the one that damned her to a life of loneliness and destroy him before her unbearable solitude forces her to accept him as her inevitable fate.

Experience a world filled with vampires through the eyes of a young woman still trying to figure out who she is and how to overcome her own weaknesses. Lillian unfolds her story of a lifetime filled with lies that she must sort through to uncover the truth. She is also forced to explore a past, that she has no memory of, in order to protect herself and those around her from a future destined for darkness.

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