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Sedich: The Annals of Lusiartha

R. Ann Humphries Updated
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Sedich: The Annals of Lusiartha

Book information

Full Title
Sedich: The Annals of Lusiartha
Rated for Readers
Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)

Book Description

Rilan Crendu is a slave. He labors in the fields of the Regiment, the military dictatorship that rules Lusiartha's four islands. Like the rest of his people, Rilan lives to at the whims of his conquerors. He attends a Regiment school, fills his Regiment-imposed labor quota, and dreams of a life free of Regiment tyranny. But when a secret society captures him, Rilan learns the path to freedom may be more dangerous than life as a slave. As keepers of Lusiartha's ancient history, this society, called the Siarthens, protects the sedich, a stone imbued with the power of the Creator. With one touch, the sedich sears its power into Rilan's heart, turning him into a kolcha - a savior child - and the leader of the rebellion. Now able to control fire with his hands, Rilan attracts the attention of Sovereign Promic Izhara, the bloodthirsty leader of the Regiment, whose sole focus is bringing Rilan down. Joined by slaves, soldiers, and civilians from across Lusiartha, Rilan must learn how to command and lead those he once had to obey, and he must do so quickly. For if the Sovereign succeeds and Rilan falls, Lusiartha’s one chance at freedom falls with him.

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