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Knights of the Wizard

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Knights of the Wizard

Book information

Full Title
Knights of the Wizard
Rated for Readers
Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)

Book Description

In a magical land of knights, wizards and dragons …

Marcus, Stone, Alexa, Ryxa and Ash are back for another exciting adventure.

KNIGHTS OF THE WIZARD is the second novel in a multi-series of fantasy books Of Knights and Wizards; the first novel is Knights of the Dragon.

A young wizard is trying hard to become a respectable sorcerer but is failing miserably and casting spells while he sleepwalks complicates things even more. Will he really be banished from his own kingdom? Meanwhile a gray dragon awakens from a four hundred year nap and discovers that there is a new and powerful dragon wizard in existence and that he just might be a danger to him; he decides that Ash must be killed.

Marcus meets a beautiful young girl named Raina from another kingdom and she may be more than he can handle as things might be moving a little too fast but he’s almost immediately smitten by her beauty and charm.

The Dwagord have resided on the other side of the mountain range and have never been able to venture into Leeander’s part of the world. Their wizards have finally blown their way through the mountain and they are aggressive people that would like to conquer everyone and everything, but to the Dwagord this new land is as puzzling as it is fascinating with much more magic than exists in their homeland.

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