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The King's Ransom

Devorah Fox Updated
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The King's Ransom

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The King's Ransom
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Rated G (all ages)
The King's Ransom

Book Description

When those you have loved and lived for betray you, how do you go on? Finalist, 50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading, 2013-14. Book Two of "The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam" finds Robin, the hero of The Lost King, at sea both literally and figuratively. At first directionless and purposeless, he determines to reunite with his sons and with them restore his shattered kingdom but Fate has different plans for the lost king. Driven far from his home in the Chalklands, Robin pits his will against a dragon, a fortress's duplicitous and deadly guards, high winds on the open water, and a horrifying sea monster only to meet his most formidable opponent.


"The King's Ransom," a novel by Devorah Fox
"The King's Ransom," a novel by Devorah Fox

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