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Crow: The Awakening (Crow Series, Book 1) ~ An epic urban-fantasy novel.

Michael J. Vanecek Updated
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Crow: The Awakening (Crow Series, Book 1) ~ An epic urban-fantasy novel.

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Crow: The Awakening (Crow Series, Book 1) ~ An epic urban-fantasy novel.
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
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Editor Lisa Vanecek

Book Description

You know you’ve had a bad day when you’re chased across town by a psychopath and his army of secret agents, tormented by the monsters of your nightmares, and your imaginary Elf girlfriend won’t stop whispering from the shadows regardless of how much you try to ignore her. All Steven Crow really wanted was a little peace and solitude while he cracked into super-secret government servers as he searched for his missing parents.

Someone had taken his parents by force, and Steven Crow was determined to find out who and why. His resources were limited, however. The mysterious enemy was terrifying enough that his adoptive parents spirited him away to a remote farm in Washington State and banned all technology in an effort to remain hidden. He had to sneak around in order to conduct his search, spending all of his free time alone in the forest as he cracked into government networks with a computer he had built for the task.

Nightmares of monsters had plagued Steven from childhood. However, he found solace in a meadow deep in the forest, and a muse in the form of an imaginary and unorthodox Elf girl. Through the years, he forgot she was imaginary and they fell in love. That came crashing down when he was abruptly reminded of the imaginary crutch he had formed for himself and he again found himself alone as he dove deeper into his obsession of secretly searching for his parents.

But secrets only last so long.

When Steven’s surreptitious search was discovered by his adoptive parents after he himself had made a remarkable discovery regarding his missing parents, he decided to leave the farm for the resources of the big city to pursue his search on his own. However, well made plans fell apart as a series of unfortunate events befell him, leaving him nearly homeless and helpless in a large, unfamiliar city. Only the compassion of a couple of strangers saved him and allowed him to finally resume his search.

Unknown to him, an enemy had taken notice of his search and began hunting him, zeroing in on him day by day until they finally identified him. His estranged family was forced into even deeper hiding, his childhood friends found themselves in perilous danger, and he found himself on the run from a ruthless and psychopathic foe with the resources of a well trained militia and a fanatical determination to capture him at all costs. He learned firsthand just why his adoptive parents were so afraid.

Through all of this, the monsters of his chronic nightmares had begun bleeding into his waking life, becoming all too real to him. And his imaginary Elvish girlfriend had resurfaced, pestering and distracting him as he desperately attempted to make sense of the madness that threatened to consume him. During his struggle to flee those seeking him – from his nightmares, his imagination, and from real life – his perception of reality would be turned upside down.

He is Steven Crow – target of violent secret agents and determined monsters alike for reasons he couldn’t remotely comprehend, loved by an Elf of his imagination who may not be what he thinks she is, and going silently mad as he searches for answers and for his parents.

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