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Running to Ground

J.R. Vikse Updated
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Running to Ground

Book information

Full Title
The Keeper Chronicles: Running to Ground
Rated for Readers
Rated G (all ages)
Running to Ground

Book Description

Thirty years ago, two teenagers arrived in Tranthaea and saved the world. Now, the Keepers believe they have secured a lasting peace. But evil does not sleep forever… A forgotten threat lurks on the borders of Tranthaea. Hidden traitors plot from within. And an old enemy watches all, waiting for the perfect time to strike. Enter Hiari White and Aiden Swift. Torn from their lives and transported to a fantastic new world, Aiden and Hiari are thrown into the middle of a centuries-old conflict that seems destined to end in disaster. There is only one thing that can save them all: a long-lost pair of ancient weapons with astonishing power. Unfortunately, the two teens are not the only ones who have heard the legends… Battling their enemies, their pasts, and their fears, Hiari and Aiden struggle to stay alive, uncover the truth, and find their place in this incredible world. But when everyone has an ulterior motive, how can they tell friend from foe? With two unbelievable weapons missing somewhere in Tranthaea, the hunt is on. After the success of the first instalment in J.R. Vikse's new youth fantasy series, The Keeper Chronicles: Playing with Fire, this highly-anticipated second volume will certainly not disappoint. The story continues, and Tranthaea awaits, filled with more action, adventure, and fantastic creatures. This amazing trilogy is perfect for fans of The Chronicles of Narnia and the Harry Potter series. With his trademark wit and well-drawn characters, Vikse creates an incredible new world like nothing you've ever seen before. Prepare to return to the world of Tranthaea.

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