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What if the story of creation as told by the Bible was written to mask the real truth – the truth that God and Satan were really powerful beings living long before the time of humanity? And what if these powerful beings were in disagreement on the fate of humanity, with one believing humans are meant to serve and the other believing that humans should control their own destiny? Those are the questions that face Elizabeth St. James as she finds herself in the middle of a war that has been waging since the dawn of time.
A television news reporter in Columbus, Ohio, Elizabeth is covering the horrific murders of three prostitutes and trying to track down leads to the killer. Her uncle, Bob St. James, is the police investigator assigned to the cases and his frustration with the impossible forensic evidence and lack of leads is matched by his growing fear for his niece. His concern grows when she meets Shane, a private investigator, whose involvement in the cases is suspect. And Shane does have secrets to hide, the primary ones that he is Kindred, a vampire who was once a man, and that it is a fellow Kindred who is slaughtering the woman of Columbus. Shane has been sent to stop the Kindred, but as his investigation delves deeper into the murders he greatly fears that this isolated incident is really the first salvo of a new war being waged between good and evil.
The Sons of Apollyon is the first in a series of the battle between good and evil that began before the first man walked on earth. The unique foundation of the story is very clever, bringing a new twist to vampires and religion itself. The book encompasses all the best elements of suspense, betrayal, love lost and love found. The characters are solid, the storyline engrossing and the reader is left wanting more. It is clear that there are many secrets yet to be brought to light and stories of individual characters left to be told.

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