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Dead Star: Frozen Magic

Gregory Mandarano Updated
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Full Title
Dead Star: Frozen Magic
Rated for Readers
Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)
Dead Star: Frozen Magic

Book Description

Forty years ago, a lengthy war nearly destroyed the Kingdoms of Eldaria. On the anniversary of its end, Davik Gracious, Lord of Midgard, holds a summit at his keep, Stormbreaker Stronghold. With conflict once again on the horizon, Davik intends to solidify the peace and usher in a new age of enlightenment. Little does he know that an array of individuals, each with their own agendas, will converge on the summit, bringing with them intrigue and murder. Yet even as Davik’s allies, the Royal Huntsmen, struggle to ensure his plan comes to fruition, an unforeseen danger rises in the North, threatening not only Midgard but the entire world.

Magic and technology, religion and science, war and peace are all at stake in Dead Star: Frozen Magic, an epic fantasy both unique in conception and following in the grand tradition.

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