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Demon Soul

Linda Hamonou Updated
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Demon Soul

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Demon Soul
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Rated G (all ages)

Book Description

She had seen his soul, a purple light, dancing, vacillating in his grey eyes and she had fell in love with him. They would have gone anywhere for each other, there seemed to be no end to their happiness. But now it was gone, his body had become an empty moving shell and he was forgetting about her, about himself, about everything....

Desperate, crying for help, Brownie can only let him walk away under the rain which can't hide her tears. But there is more to her than that.
She is determined to bring him back and she would go to hell for it. Diving in the darkness of demonic Magick, she will following the only path she knows to help him get better. She will steal his soul back from the demons...

But there are things she wasn't prepared to answer to... How do you raise a baby demon? Especially when this one seems to be growing unbelievably fast.


Demon Soul Chapter 1
Demon Soul prologue

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