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No one believed fourteen-year-old Jarrod Grant when he told them what happened to his family. They said it was just a coping mechanism to deal with what he'd seen, but no matter how hard they tried to get the truth out of him, all he could talk about was the portal that had opened in his room, and the creature that had come through it to abduct his mother, and his little brother.

His story hit the local news, and he was thrown into a social system that only seemed to exist to make him feel like he was crazy. Ultimately he was placed with a wonderful set of foster parents, but school was a different matter entirely. He was treated like a freak, and turned into an outcast whose only comfort was a notebook, in which he obsessively drew page after page of what happened on that fateful night.

When he started his senior year of high school four years later, he expected it to just be more of the same. He never dreamed that he'd meet two amazing girls named Tina and Sarah who actually wanted to hear his story. Not only did they believe him, but they made it their mission to try to find him some answers.

Their search eventually leads them to a woman named Patricia Samuels, the caretaker and record keeper of a library full of lost information. Her books, some dating back centuries, contain some of the answers they're looking for. To get the rest of the story however, she'll have to fly out to Ohio to visit an old man who could hold the key to everything they've been looking for.

Origins is book 1 in the Unseen Things series. It's an introduction to the characters, as well as the overall theme of the series itself.

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