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The Hunt

Duane Martin Updated
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The Hunt

Book information

Full Title
The Hunt
  • eBook
  • Paperback
Rated for Readers
Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book Description

When Jarrod Grant was just fourteen years old, he watched helplessly as a troll-like agaronin came through a portal in his bedroom and abducted his mother, and his younger brother. He spent years brooding over the fact that they were gone, but during his senior year of high school, that all changed.

Tina and Sarah, made it their mission to find him some answers, and when they turned to a woman named Patricia for help, they got a lot more than they ever bargained for. Not only did she provide them with the answers they needed, but through her research she was able to locate the only person who'd ever come back after being abducted. That man provided her with notebooks full of information about his time as a slave in the Faranox dimension, and he also provided her with the means to travel back and forth between five different dimensions, including the one where Jarrod's family was being held.

Now that they've finally graduated from high school, Jarrod, Derek, Tina, and Sarah have all moved in with Patricia, and with her help and support, they make their first forays into the Faranox dimension. Mistakes are made and dangerous lessons are learned as they look for a way to bring Jarrod's family back home.

The Hunt is book 2 of the Unseen Things series.


Amazon Best Sellers Rank: # Paid in Kindle Store

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