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Journey To Imagination

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Journey To Imagination

Book information

Full Title
Journey To Imagination (Fantasy short stories)
Rated for Readers
Rated G (all ages)

Book Description

10 short stories of fantasy, drama and suspense:
SHANGLIN FOREST:a young rabbit named Sucker Patch gets lost in a forest ruled by grizzlies where Shanglin is king--THE BLACK EGG: three friends discover a mysterious black egg in a barn that may be from another world--CHASE FIRE LAKE: when three boys go fishing, they discover a monster in a lake--THE WITCH NEXT DOOR-- Autumn is convinced her neighbor is a witch--THE BLUE KNIGHT: a boys super hero wish comes true--AMANDA--a mysterious girl in a muddy white dress is only visible to Robert at his school--LADY JANE--Lady Jane's maid goes missing. Does anyone really know what happened to her?--THE GLOWING: three friends discover an injured girl and an unexplainable glowing in the bottom of a pit--PRETTY LADY--James is a shy musician who is afraid to fall in love--THE MYSTICAL STATUE--five friends are going to find out if the legend of the mystical statue is true or not.

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