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Mysterious Elements

Amy Benton Updated
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Mysterious Elements: Part One

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Mysterious Elements: Part One
  • eBook
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Rated PG (not necessarily suitable for children)
Mysterious Elements

Book Description

Bizarre things start to occur in the lives of Roxxi and Ryleigh Hunter. When a heated argument breaks out, the sisters realise that they aren't as normal as they's once thought... Controlling the elements would be considered "abnormal", wouldn't it?... Roxxi and Ryleigh are from a very close-knit family. One fateful night, their father, Eric, opens the door to a gang led by a silver-eyed man, ultimately resulting in the demise of him and his wife, Eloise, leaving the two girls to fend for themselves. Desperate to start a fresh and leave the past behind them, Roxxi takes it upon herself to look after her younger sister, Ryleigh, and the two girls move to Riverbrook to begin their new lives... But who knew that their already topsy-turvy lives would be turned completely upside down, especially when the same silver eyes come back to haunt them.

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