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Full Title
Transformation: Bedelia's Journey of Love and Transformation
Rated for Readers
Rated G (all ages)

Book Description

Like the Ameila Bedeila, The Flower. Bedelia blooms and grows She learns New knowledge and understanding of life, strife, and love transformation! Absorbing the light and impaling the strife. Bedelia blooms from a seedling to a flowering woman BEDELIA. Come walk with Bedelia through out her TRANSFORMATION.

This book has all 3 books inside:

Bedeila: The Crystal Witch Book 1

A captivating novel to the shelves for enjoyment, a novel called Bedelia: The Crystal Witch. This is a novel of a young girl coming into adulthood. Bedelia finds out that not only has changes happened within her but also around her. As she tries to understand her transformation into adulthood, she realizes she holds certain mystical gifts. Discovery of these gifts takes her on an adventure of clues that sets her on a journey of discovering who she really is and who she can become. It is a wonderful tale of self-discovery.

The Shadowing Wolf book 2

Bedelia. Once on the path of enlightenment, she now finds herself on the path of self-discovery. As Bedelia finds that her journey not only leads her to the light but also to love, admiration, and self-awareness, she experiences emotions she never knew before existed as she grows from adolescence to womanhood.

Bedelia: Man-Eater book 3

Bedelia Is Bedeila as a woman. She grows up and suffers trials of the heart; which throws her off the path of spirituality. Feeling hurt, pain and betrayal. She ignores her spiritual guides and causes pain to others. But one day, she finds the one thing that transforms her from that flower Bedeila( is a flower) to the woman renamed Bedelia( goddess of poem,spells and spirit)

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