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Tales from the West

Lorna Suzuki Updated
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Tales from the West

Book information

Full Title
Imago Chronicles: Book Two Tales from the West
Rated for Readers
Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)
Tales from the West

Book Description

As the Second Age of Peace draws to an end, the Three Sisters - watchers of the past, present and future, foresee the signs that herald the beginning of great calamities to spell disaster for mankind and all that is good.
The last hope for peace lies with the Order, an alliance of warriors from the surrounding countries, an Elf and a hapless Wizard. Led by a Prince whose fate is sealed by his past and a boy haunted by a past he cannot escape, they must deliver the Stone of Salvation to unlock the only weapon that can destroy the impending evil.
Pursued by enemy soldiers and four dark emissaries, the harbingers of evil set forth to destroy them, they embark on an incredible adventure. Trapped and outnumbered, an unlikely ally comes to their aid - the last surviving warrior, a messenger from a war-ravaged land far to the east. She reluctantly joins forces with the Order, where together, they wage war against a common adversary.
A journey fraught with many dangers, they must fight their own fears and doubts to keep hope alive. The race is on and time is running out...

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