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The Tears of God

Lorna Suzuki Updated
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The Tears of God

Book information

Full Title
Imago Chronicles: Book 4 The Tears of God
Rated for Readers
Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book Description

In this sequel to ‘Imago Chronicles: Book Three Tales From the East’, eight years have passed since the monumental war that determined the fate of the Elves and mortals of Orien. During this time, Nayla Treeborn has long since retired her weapons of war to embrace her new life as consort to Prince Arerys.
Her tranquil existence is shattered when, for the first time in history, an unseen evil infiltrates the enchanted forest of Wyndwood, stealing away with Arerys and Nayla’s only child.
Forced to wield her sword once again, she and Arerys must race against time to find their daughter. Their only clue to her abduction is the strange disappearance of the former Sorcerer once known as Eldred Firestaff the Wizard of the East. Transformed into a mortal and exiled into the arid wastelands of the Painted Desert, this once formidable foe has vanished without a trace.
Forced to call upon old friends and allies of the Order to search the lands for their precious child, Arerys and Nayla are willing to risk all to bring their daughter home safely.
Deceived by false trails and hampered by misleading clues, they are pitted against a dark magic never before encountered. In a desperate bid to find her daughter, Nayla is driven to the breaking point by despair and guilt as she follows a trail of tears.
In the end, to spare the life of an innocent child, the sacrifice Nayla must make will not only jeopardize her own life, but the lives of all in Imago.

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