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Ted Lazaris Updated
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Full Title
DragonMan: Face Of The Unknown
Rated for Readers
Rated G (all ages)

Book Description

Get your signed e-books from AMAZON #1 Best-Selling Author Ted Lazaris #1 AMAZON Best-Seller, DragonMan Face Of The Unknown Debuts at #1 Ahead of David Baldacci and James Patterson novels. Best Seller in US, UK, Canada & Germany. The War to End All Wars Came Swiftly From East of the Dawn A series of savage and brutal murders is taking place by a killer that might not be human. Where did it come from? How did it get here? And how can it be stopped? The Order Of The Circle Of Light, a secret brotherhood first discovered this baffling mix of man and God, in 1970. Now this Son of God, or Satan is about to proclaim its divinity, through a ritualistic series of slaying’s. It’s goal; wage war one last time to determine who shall rule Heaven and Earth. To the victor goes the cherished prize, mankind. Can Luke Starr, aka DragonMan, a new superhero for our times, figure out whom this mysterious being really is and stop its relentless threat to mankind? Only time will tell. The book asks the questions we’ve all asked at one point or another...was life really created the way the bible says? Or could it be that mankind as we know it is the remnant of a past civilization who once lived on another planet – or even deep below the surface of our own? Ted Lazaris tackles these questions with a good sense of unbiased investigation, and at the same time, opens our eyes to the powerful issue of ‘What If?’ Dragonman: Face Of The Unknown is all about the power of love and faith to overcome the evil that lurks in the darkness, whether we know it or not. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: #1 AMAZON Best-Selling Author/Producer/Screenwriter and Songwriter Ted Lazaris is the creator of an exciting new superhero known as DragonMan. Mr. Lazaris received the attention and a Letter of Commendation from former First Lady, Laura Bush who commented "I admire your efforts, through writing adventure stories, to encourage people of all ages to enjoy reading. Hollywood has already come knocking for DragonMan: Face Of The Unknown, DragonMan: The Adventures Of Luke Starr and DragonMan: The Poseidon Encounter, Written by Ted Lazaris DragonMan Trilogy:
.be Screenplays adapted from his published novels by the same names. DragonMan is based on a trilogy of published novels written by and the original characters created by Ted Lazaris. “DRAGONMAN “ – Published Novels were optioned by Executive Producer, Mario Domina and his ThunderBall Films, Ltd. through an exclusive Co-Production Agreement with the Author.

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