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Titans, Humans, and the Beasts

maria cristina sburlea Updated
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Titans, Humans, and the Beasts

Book information

Full Title
Titans, Humans, and the Beasts (Creatures of Darkness and Light #1)
Rated for Readers
Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)

Book Description

In a time ruled by confusion and suspicion, a few titans take it upon themselves to give the young species inhabiting Earth what it has always longed for: freedom. But, once freed, the humans who disappointed titans, time and time again, have to work together with the same titans that kept them as their slaves for thousands of years. Humans soon realize that, on Earth, they are not the only ones wanting to rule their own world, and titans are forced to come to the same conclusion in their Realms as creatures, long thought to be extinct, resurface evolved and in greater numbers than ever before.

To top it all, the Seven Kings and Queens dethroned in the war for the freedom of humans plot their way back to their crowns and fear of a titan, not born, not created, grows as it shows its power, greater than anything else ever seen.

Humans, titans, beasts, mixed breeds, all have one chance and one chance only. They must navigate betrayal, family ties, diverse civilizations, lies, great power and fragility, and must find a path to survival.

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