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In Roman Times: Empires and Madness

maria cristina sburlea Updated
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In Roman Times: Empires and Madness

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Full Title
In Roman Times: Empires and Madness
Rated for Readers
Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)

Book Description

After the events in "Titans, Humans, and the Beasts", humans got the change to act as they desired and be free of any threat that came outside of their world. Eight hundred years later, they live in greater, more sophisticated and intricate societies, but they also have to deal with threats coming from their own communities. On top of that, a creature known as the Nameless God is gaining influence with humans while titans don't even believe he is real. Who is this Nameless God and what will it happen to a crumbling Rome, a poverty plagued Egypt, a corruption stricken Jin Empire, and the small city of Chennai?

In Rome, Valeria, daughter of one Caesar and wife of another, bears a striking physical resemblance to a titan who died eight centuries in the past. In Egypt, Djar and Bastet plan a rebellion against the Romans. In the Jin Empire, Ch'o still believes in the redemption of its inhabitants. In Chennai, a tyrant rules his people with fire and blood. And in the Realm of the Upper World, Elijah governs while Mikael, his brother, rules over the Land of Ice and Zane, the oldest son of the fallen titan, Zeus, stands against him.

After the annihilation of the Seven and the fires of Zeus, humans and titans lived in harmony for a while. But a new era was born when, on Earth, humans became their own greatest enemies and, in the Realms, titans discovered they are not the only beings of extraordinary power. Now, the two species have two options left: forgive or sever the links between their worlds.

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