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The Warrior And The Petulant Princess

Maggie Carpenter Updated
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The Warrior And The Petulant Princess

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The Warrior And The Petulant Princess
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)
The Warrior And The Petulant Princess

Book Description

“The days that you issue commands are over,” he admonished. “I shall spank you as you deserve, and if you dare to bark at me again I will keep my promise and remove this thin undergarment."

In this romantic BDSM fairy tale, an elite warrior delivers lustful spankings to the deserving bottom of his pampered Princess, while tantalizingly teaching her the joys of the flesh. Princess Lizbett learns that while punishment can be painful, the rewards of surrender to the arms of a loving Dominant offers not just an ironic sense of freedom, but ultimate pleasure.

Once upon a time, in a lustrous kingdom named Verdana, lived a strong-willed, petulant Princess named Lizbett, the only child of the kingdom’s sovereign monarch, King Handerah. Though the King had attempted to discipline his difficult daughter it proved impossible; her appealing violet eyes would melt his heart, and she’d continue with her willful ways.
As a young woman she had fallen madly in crush with a mysterious young man who was working in the castle stables for the summer. His name was Larian; his hair fell in long shimmering ringlets, and his clear aqua eyes sparkled into hers.
“You are so spoiled,” he’d whispered. “I must leave here soon, but when I am grown I will be back, and then I will teach you many things.”
He kept his promise, but when he returned she was shocked to learn he was from Zanderone, a kingdom of mighty warriors. He had won the title of Warrior Of The First Order, and it soon became clear he was more than man enough to deal with her rash, reckless, and selfish behavior.

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