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Classified: The Brotherhood of Darkness

George A. Kos Updated
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Classified: The Brotherhood of Darkness

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Full Title
Wizards' Secret Service. Classified: The Brotherhood of Darkness (Book 1.5)
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  • eBook
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Rated G (all ages)
Classified: The Brotherhood of Darkness

Book Description

An ancient evil revealed itself in our world. Radimus Dorret - head of Wizards’ Secret Service in New York - has to disclose the classified information about two young wizards, Henry Jones and Billy Dixon, who found out about the existence of an ancient Brotherhood, which everyone considered disappeared.
Henry Jones - a famous young Detective of the magic world - finds a strange message on a crime scene in Paris, but after his return to his hometown Larack, Henry learns about another murder. Now Henry Jones realizes that these crimes are not simply related to each other, but conceal some secret. The investigation takes Henry Jones and Billy Dixon into the depth of the secret life of human and magic worlds, where they find out about the greatest secret of all times. Can Henry Jones confront an ancient organization? Why Henry and his friend are so important for Wizards’ Secret Service?

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