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The King and Queen of Wands

Elise K. Ra Updated
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The King and Queen of Wands

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The King and Queen of Wands
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Book Description

For the Gods of Asgard, their twilight is drawing near. Loki and his son Fenris have broken free of their bonds and will lead their Jotun enemies to them in one final glorious battle.

Only Loki never shows.

Disturbed by the Trickster's lack of appearance, Odin and Thor set out to find out why.

Zeus is living the good life. His reign as the King of the Gods is flourishing. Warm weather, an abundance of food, a beautiful Goddess as his Queen - life is good.

Until Hermes announces there are trespassers in the sacred groves of Olympus, and they've stolen from the Gods. A man, a woman, and a wolf, and the two are not mortals. Curious and determined to bring them to justice for trespassing and thievery, Zeus goes after them with Artemis and Athena.

Loki is hungry.

For centuries, he's lain bound to three rocks, a poisonous snake hanging over his head. For centuries, he's watched his wife, devoted Sigyn, stand vigil over him, holding a small wooden bowl to catch the poison and keep the pain away. And she's told him something that changes the course of his fate, something that's more important than revenge on Asgard for slights and insults and the deaths of his sons.

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