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A Whisper In The Shadows

Tom Fallwell Updated
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A Whisper In The Shadows

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Full Title
A Whisper In The Shadows (Rangers of Laerean, #1)
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Rated PG (not necessarily suitable for children)
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Editor Patrick Hodges
A Whisper In The Shadows

Book Description

Many children of the civilized races of Hir, grow up hearing the legendary tales of the Rangers of Laerean. Many aspire to one day join that elite group of heroes, to live the adventures they have heard all their lives. Baric is one who now lives that childhood dream.

The seemingly small quest that Baric, a Ranger of Laerean, begins in order to help a beautiful Vaar'da assassin with her nightmares, suddenly changes into a quest to save the entire world of Hir from utter desctruction. Now a small army of Rangers descends into the depths of Mount Scorch to prevent the disaster and must trust in each other if they wish to survive the task. It all started with ... A Whisper In The Shadows.

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