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Gaea—The Liar's Prophecy

David Berger Updated
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Task Force: Gaea—The Liar's Prophecy

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Task Force: Gaea—The Liar's Prophecy
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Gaea—The Liar's Prophecy

Book Description

Zodiak’s identity quest to ancient Arkadeia may leave his teammates, Aegis, Talon, and Aether vulnerable in the modern day when a long-forgotten and powerful criminal—a son of Gaea—escapes Tartaros to continue the undertaking he began millennia ago. In the wake of Lismonia’s godhunt, this new mission begins with misunderstood prophecies and a series of gruesome murders ultimately leading to a betrayal that could tear apart the team. And, Gaea’s son has just begun. The investigation brings to light The Liar’s Prophecy, and an unsuspecting Task Force: Gaea has no choice but to see it to completion, an enterprise that could bring them to the threshold of madness. Lies and secrets surface that reveal mysteries surrounding not only the gods of Olympos, but also Aegis, Talon, Aether, and Zodiak—these secrets will forever change the nature of Task Force: GAEA. One among them is fated to fall because even death cannot protect you from your past.

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