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Gaea—Finding Balance

David Berger Updated
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Task Force: Gaea—Finding Balance

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Task Force: Gaea—Finding Balance
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Gaea—Finding Balance

Book Description

Four modern day strangers—Dan, Aleta, Brandon, and Sarah—learn they are bound by prophecy to fix what the Olympeian gods have broken. Gifted with ancient magic from long lost civilizations, they must master their powers while contending with forces escaping from the Underworld and also find a way to repair the Sacred Scales, destroyed by an angry goddess long ago. Their success lies with Apollo, a god whose earthbound journey provided the means to fulfill the prophecy. These four mortals—a teacher, a scientist, a zoologist, and a potter—join the United Nations Task Force Division sworn to protect an endangered world, becoming the sole team—codename: GAEA—who can fight the monstrous threats and bring Order to a world plunged into Chaos. Bringing together the powers of the ancient gods and the strength of the human spirit, the members of TASK FORCE: GAEA may have to sacrifice that which they hold dear to be their only key to success. Can mortals succeed where gods cannot go?

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